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Motherboard replacement


Age of Empires III Demo

TheServerSide.NET - Build a Data Access Layer with the Visual Studio 2005 DataSet Designer

This could be a good reason to rewrite the data access layer in SG.

ASP.NET : Major Changes for Visual Web Developer 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 from Whidbey Beta 2 to RTM

Kid's Programming Language

If you're kids are interested in getting into programming, check out this site.

How To Future-Proof Your Firefox Extensions

Nice tips on hacking Firefox extensions and getting them to work in the beta build.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager | Link to us : " Free Download Manager "

Wolf Recovery in the Springs

Coding4Fun: Beginning Game Development

Remember this link. Looks like a good intro to game development using VS2005.
"Those beans aren't sitting with me too well." 

TechEd 2005 I'll Be There


Firefox Tips and Tricks

General Firefox How-To Download You can get the latest Firefox here: If you have a Windows machine, you may want to get the version that is compiled for your CPU from Moox ( . Note: The Moox builds should only be used if you are computer savvy. Otherwise, stick to the standard installs provided by Mozilla. You are less apt to break something that way. Other helpful websites Firefox Switch ( : Excellent Guide. Answers the questions: 'Why switch to Mozilla Firefox?', 'Questions about switching' and 'How do I make the switch?' Firefox tips & tricks from Mozilla ( : You'll find tips on making your button bars more XP like or Windows Classic like. And things like speeding page rendering and even running Firefox for removable media like a USB drive. Introduction to Mozilla Firefox (http://www.n

Photo Digitization Project

Photo Digitization Project