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Great Starts Sports Camps

Great Starts Sports Camps : "Volleyball Volleyball grades 3-6, Wednesdays at Academy Endeavour Elementary Starts October 25 for six weeks (ends Dec. 6) $75 Our instructors are awesome. This club-like experience is the perfect way to decide if you are ready and interested in moving on to the next level of play. There is a place for beginners as well as more experienced players in this six week program designed to focus on fundamentals and fun. Plenty of skill-appropriate competition to help advance your game, without the pressure and commitment of club volleyball. This is a six-week program and will be followed by additional six-week sessions for those who want to continue through the school year. Course Code VB1W 3rd-6th graders, Wednesdays from 4:15-6pm at Academy Endeavour Elementary, October 25-Dec 6 (no meeting week of Thanksgiving) (limit 18 players) $75"


Over the past year I've made the decision to get more heavily into digital photography. I've converted my website ( into a photo gallery and have really enjoyed it. It's still a work in progress but it's coming along. I've got so many different interests along with 3 kids and all that comes with that, it makes finding time and focusing on something very difficult. So I do things in seasons. Right now I'm focusing heavily on photography and turning that into a commercial venture - athletic team photos (, senior pictures, etc. - I'm having a blast. I learn something new with each photo shoot. And the trip to Guatemala was huge for my photography skills. I took hundreds of shots and got a few that I actually liked. :-) Check out the photo albums on the site and let me know what you think.

Free iPod

I'm very skeptical about all the "free" stuff you can get online. But when a coworker told me that he got his shiny new 30GB Video iPod for free I became very interested. Here's the deal: these companies want you to try their product or service and are willing to pay Freepay to get people to check them out. There are quite a few different offers to choose from but look for one that won't cost you much (if anything) and sign up. Once you complete the offer you need to get 5 other people to try one of the offers but (and here's the key) they must follow your link so you get credit . Once you have credit for 5 people completing offers under you, then you'll have your iPod in a few weeks. I know of two people that have gotten iPods this way so I'm going to give it a shot. One caveat though, use an email address that you can check but not one that you regularly use because you'll start getting SPAM on it. Once you're done and have your iPod j